British House is a specialist UK education agent with the longest experience in the Georgian market. The company was founded in spring of 2004 by professional educationalists with personal experience of studying and living in Britain.
A specialist UK agent means that we offer study programmes in the United Kingdom only. We choose to do this so that we can provide you with a superior quality of service, commitment and responsibility.  You will get the best possible advice and guidance on all aspects of your education in Britain.

To date we have sent hundreds of people to study in Britain. Our Georgian client list consistently includes MPs, top business executives, mid-career professionals from the banking sector, smart and ambitious young Georgians, dedicated English language teachers and aspiring youth from all regions of the country.

British House, as an educational agent, has been trained by the British Council. We are registered on the British Council’s global agent zone and greatly benefit from cooperation with the Georgia office. This support is demonstrated in regular referrals of enquiring students to us and keeping us on the British Council Supported Agents List.

British House partner institutions in the UK are recognised and accredited by state authorities of the Great Britain and are members of world-known professional associations and various quality control agencies. This is a guarantee of the high quality of education and welfare that you will get for your money.

We offer products that we know well. Every member of our team has a personal experience of what you, or your child, will experience in the UK and can give you most honest and realistic support that you need.

Phone us on landlines 995 32 420040, 995 32 420050 (11:00 to 19:00) or a mobile 995 77 762200 to find out more about how can we help you with your learning questions.