The United Kingdom has one of the world's leading education systems, from nursery through to Higher Education. In Britain state schools are only for residents with a leave to remain or children of the foreign visitors with specific types of visas. For Georgian children and teenagers the private school sector is accessible. Private schools are traditionally called Independent schools. Independent schools can be day schools and/or boarding, which means pupils live on the school campus full time. You can choose to send your child to a British school to experience a different educational environment from 1 term to many years.

Our partner schools, with their strong tradition of academic attainment, good examination results, sound discipline and a commitment to a wide range of sport and extra-curricular activities, provide a quality and standard of education that is truly world-class. They also attract high quality staff committed to delivering all-round excellence in education and to developing talent at all levels of ability and from all backgrounds.
Be prepared to pay a premium sum for a superior level education. Full boarding package costs start from 6000 pound sterling per term. You also need to apply early on to get into a school. Your day school package will cost about 4000 pound sterling and more per term. This may include a fee for a guardian that is a requirement for an overseas day pupil.

Please visit Independent Schools Council web-site for more information