• Full information on available courses and accommodation options in the UK.
  • Practical assessment of your language level and other required qualifications.
  • Professional guidance on selecting an appropriate course and accommodation in the UK.
  • Booking a course for you and managing all contacts with the UK school throughout your studies.
  • Booking your accommodation and assisting your with welfare during the whole period of study.
  • Booking a plane-ticket for you and arrangement of airport transfer at your request.
  • Further assistance to extend your course or apply for a more advanced course while in the UK.
  • Extensive pre-departure briefing, explaining your arrival and living step-by-step.


  • Accurate information on University ratings or rankings in the UK.
  • Assistance in selecting a department and a course that suits your needs and abilities.
  • Support with University applications (personal statements, admission essays etc.)
  • Correspondence with UK Universities on your behalf
  • Pre-departure briefing, with detailed guidance on setting up a bank account, registering with the local authorities and other important information.
  • Visa support as described below.


  • You will get detailed information on required documentation and practical support for your visa application.
  • We can prepare you for a visa interview if you are called to have one.
  • We provide every assistance and support to you in relation with the UK Consulate should you need our personal involvement.


  • A full list of documentation required for a Student Visa (from the British Embassy web-site)
  • UK Visa Online Application
  • British House Ltd. agreement forms

Our Message to a UK Educational Provider

British House Ltd. is a small centre of excellence for British Education counseling, promotion and placement services since 2004. We operate from a popular location in the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi. We market all types of British education and qualifications, in particular, the English language sector, pre-university education and postgraduate study. We are different from other agents in that we are selective: towards our customers and our UK education providers. Having the advantage of being in the market among very first legally registered agents in the market we chose to occupy the ‘top niche’ in it – to cater for the learning needs of the most ambitious, most sophisticated, the wealthiest customers, and to work with the best UK educational providers. We also take pride in being among very first agents to get specialised agent training and customer referrals from British Council Georgia. You can find us out on the Council’s global agent zone or get a written evidence of their support from the British Council, Georgia, office. 

We see our representative role to you, our UK partner, first of all, in promoting your courses and your institution to all customers, by demonstrating the promotional materials in our office and all local events in which we participate (book fairs, presentations, local partners’ offices). Secondly, we assist you in student recruitment by sieving carefully among many general inquirers. British House selects only those who clearly demonstrate that their main purpose of visit to Britain is education. We counsel them and test their English free of charge.
We book them on courses that best suit each individual and thus ensure that there is no mismatch in expectations of the student and pursued educational programme. This ensures positive feedback from students, their parents and all other interested parties. We pro-actively help each student in preparation of required documentation for their visa application ensuring accuracy and attention to detail. For this we charge a flat placement fee.
We check that the submitted papers reflect their financial and social-economic status as fully as possible. This guarantees that you will get full fees for all services that you provide to our customers on time and in a due manner.

Overall, we make every effort to ensure that the student coming to you from our agency is up to the highest desired ‘overseas learner’ standard and becomes an asset to your learning environment.