British House offers juniors residential (staying at shared on campus accommodation) and homestay English language courses in the summer. Junior courses are taking children from the age of 6 to 18. However, you can choose to send your children (16 years and over) to regular adult courses if they are independent enough to handle their study, travel and living. Junior courses include costs of constant supervision and care plus enhanced security arrangements in closed school environment. Our superb residential schools, as well as friendly and caring host family courses are based in the finest locations in the UK. Please see picture gallery to get a first impression.
These highly effective English language programmes for children and teenagers combine English language learning with a lively excursions and other cultural and sports activity programme. During their stay our young learners are encouraged to speak as much English as possible. Friendly and professional teachers, very effective methods and a dynamic and exciting learning environment all ensure that your children improve their English quickly.
We offer a variety of great residential schools and homestay school locations in the UK. Wherever juniors learn you can expect a high quality programme based on many years of experience, the strength of our reputation and our attention to detail.

A 3-week study programme will cost you between approximately 2200 – 3200 GBP depending on the school and course you choose. This is an indicative package price and includes everything – tuition fee, accommodation, meals, our administration fee, return ticket, UK visa fee and minimum pocket money for kids.